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If the (mal)Contented Mother is a ‘mummy blog’ *shudder*, then it is one with a tongue firmly in its cheek. This blog is emphatically not about telling others what to do with their children; it’s about telling others that they are already good enough parents and inviting them to have a derisory giggle at the quagmire of advice we all seem to be wading through! Since starting my blog in June of this year my posts have been Mumsnet Blog of the Day 6 times, been featured on Parentdish and listed as both a tots100 Good Read and one of BritMum’s ‘Pick of the Month’ Newbie Bloggers (here). I’m available for freelance feature writing, reviews and content writing.

Featured writing.

Mumsnet: In the Club: What were your antenatal classes like? 

Parentdish: The weaning paraphernalia you do not need!

Attention, Attention! Why playing with your baby is hard work

Folks Magazine: 6 ways to support new parents. 

Mozaik Magazine: Exhausting our natural resources.

See more of my content writing work here:

Reviews: My blog’s USP is its focus on parental experience, rather than baby care and ‘how-tos’, so I have decided not to review any baby products on this blog! I will only be reviewing products that mums/dads will enjoy or that will make their lives easier. My ‘reviews’ will always be more that a bland tour through the product features. There will be a hook to engage readers and a conversational style. To read my existing reviews click here.

The numbers bit: Since July The (mal)Contented Mother has received an average of 4,500 unique visitors per month. Readers frequently engage in the comment section and also on twitter and facebook pages.

Adverts: If you are interested in advertising on this website then please email me at the address below. I am open to having advertising badges on my sidebar.

I’d also love to work with others on shared linkys (linkies??), guest posts and writing projects.

If you’d like to contact me my email address is


One thought on “Work With Me

  1. Absolutely Rockin! Aileen I love it, hubbie does too. Keep me posted. My adopted daughter is 3& half months preggie so she will love it.

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