Photo Calenders: Because nothing says Christmas like 12+ pics of my child!

Dear Reader, it’s December. It’s DECEMBER. WTF?

There’s only 3 weekends left before Christmas, and you’ve got 17 social engagements on each one. Quick! Panic buy on ebay!!!

But I have a cunning plan: make a Bubs-themed calender and give it to EVERYONE. Actually I’ve had this cunning plan all year, but about a month ago I somehow managed to get Snapfish to give me £40 to make a few. Suckers. (not really Snapfish, thank you very much, please, thank you). This weekend I suddenly realised I need to design these bad boys in time for them to printed and delivered because it’s December, like, right now.
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Mummy’s First Review: Revel Body SOL (I’m bringing sexy back)

*Fair warning: though there are no details at all divulged in this review, it is for a product of an adult nature, so if you know me and wish to regard me as an asexual being, look away now*

Dear Reader, I have ummed and erred over whether or not to include reviews in this blog. Since 90% of my posts are rants about the avalanche of advice that descends upon parents ‘these days’, it feels a bit hypocritical to then start telling you what and what not to buy for your kids. But, on the other hand, I quite like free stuff, and I also like being critical. Hmm. Dilemma.
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