1.not satisfied or content with currently prevailing conditions or circumstances.
2.dissatisfied with the existing government, administration, system, etc
I am NOT discontent. I am very happy a lot of the time. But I am malcontent at times. This advice-culture system of ours isn’t working well for parent mental health. We need to find a way of supporting the many diverse ways of being a parent. So there.

And now a little about myself…

I am a 32-year-old mother of one. I have a quite spectacularly wonderful boy, born October ’13. At the beginning of his life I went into a depression. I didn’t even notice at first, despite having previous experience with mental health issues. What mother doesn’t get weepy now and then? But it got worse and I ended up not very well at all. I recovered well – I am recovering well – but it was pretty rubbish for a while there. I went right through debilitating self-doubt and out the other side into the wonderful world of ‘I’ll do what I want with my baby, ta very much.’ It was then I realised how much all of the worry was masking the positive feelings that lay beneath. So I have a few rants bottled up about mixed messages from health professionals, well-meaning individuals and pressurising baby books. Hope they reassure and/or amuse you.


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