Who is Mothers Day for?

The mothers who miss their mothers
The children who want their mums
Those who live in hope of a positive test result
Those from whom that hope has hardened and become brittle
Mothers who feel their love trapped under layers of clawing anxiety
Children who never felt that maternal warmth that every story promised
Those exhausted, in tears, with a baby at their breast
Those whose stomach churns with guilt as they count scoops into a bottle
Those who fantasise about escape
Those who long for the embrace of their own child
Those who never gave birth but are mothers still
Those for whom this day is steeped in grief and the gaping spaces left empty by loss
Those who feel adored and appreciated
Those who wade through today unthanked
The women who have been mothers to many, but never called ‘mum’
Those who are joyous, wrapped in the warmth of familial love
Those who wish they could feel the ‘happiness’ of this Mothers Day, but can’t
Every woman who knows what it is to nurture and fret and stay
This day is yours.