Parents: We’ve all gone a little bit mad.

Hi there good people. Just a little note today from you’re resident malcontent to say ‘Hey, are you feeling a bit mad?’ Well you’re not alone!

mad parents

As you may have guessed from the general (fucking hilarious) tone of this blog, I’m not exactly okay with the current advice-culture-quagmire we modern day parents have to wade through. And, frankly, I think we’ve all gone a bit mad. Why? Because there are so many bloody ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’. Neuroses about food and sleep and behaviour and development continually pop up on our Facebook feeds and get rammed down our throats in the form of ‘news’ articles and ‘helpful’ books. Seriously, I continually write about how all this stuff is utter BS but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me. It’s like how I get well angry with the general “be thin, be thin, be reeeeeeaaally thin” bombardment women face on a daily basis’ but also hate my upper arms (I mean they are utterly hideous, as showcased above) and read the calorie counts when deciding which sandwich to buy. Bleurgh.

Take this week; Bubs has had a temperature on off, been waking every night and generally needing us more than usual. I have also had to work (I have an actual job now, it’s fun) and generally function as a human being. So, there has been lots of CBeebies. Like, lots. Now, having previously written a post about how it’s fine to let your child watch TV, I am suddenly wracked with not-good-enough guilt. Bleeeeuuuurgh.

As someone who battles with mental health issues (why is it always ‘issues’? Issues sounds like I’m a sulky adolescent, #TripleBleurgh) I think that in a way, we’re all a bit mad now. How many times a day you question/criticise the choices you make for yourself or you family? Five times? Ten times? All the bloody time? It’s, like, actually maddening, isn’t it?

So, this weekend, shall we all just stop this nonsense? It’s bloody exhausting and completely unnecessary. Instead, let’s follow my 3-step easy to follow guide on how to be a parent:

1) Have a child in your care.

2) Keep them fed, vaguely clean and give them a place to sleep.

3) For the most part, try to be kind.

The rest, Dear Reader, is bullshit.


Anything maddened you this week? Leave a comment or tweet me @aafew and we can joint-rant it out. Woop!



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