Supply and Demand: When the ‘let down’ is a let down.

Hello Dear Reader, today I was all important and stuff and went on the actual radio! (I know riiiiiight?)
I was talking about the messages all the ‘breast is best’ stuff send to new mums in the context of a local news story about a hospital in Luton to stop providing formula to mums who’ve made an ‘informed choice’ not to breast-feed.
If you’d like to listen you can do so here:
The segment starts about 1.08 in and I’m on at 1.19 for about 10 mins (I don’t come back after the news headlines, just fyi)
Seeing as it’s the subject of my day, I thought I’d reblog this post about supply issues – it’s new and improved!
Peace out homies.

The (mal)Contented Mother

Wowza, turns out A LOT of you have had similarly frustrating experiences with breast-feeding. Thanks so much for the response. So, time to get specific and talk about the issue that particularly effected me: supply.

When Bubs was a newborn he screamed. A lot. Yes, I know they all do that, but, phew, not quite like this. Honestly, nurses on a post-natal mental health ward were wide-eyed at his fits. When my Health Visitor heard him bawling directly after a feed she just turned to me and said. “Yes, that’s a hungry baby.” Up to that point I hadn’t really grasped the idea that there just might not be enough juice available to fill him up. The thing is that there was definitely some milk there. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be squirting out by now. I didn’t know that he cried more than most. He’s a baby…

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