Oooh eeer missus! (A veg box interlude)

Sorry for the radio silence Dear Reader. Bubs has been teething, for the 47th time. Last week he was teething bad. I’m talking waking five times a night stuff. This is not acceptable behaviour for a child above the age of six months in my humble opinion. Anyhoo, then Hubs got sick and now Bubs has ‘hand foot and mouth’ (please could they think of a scarier name for a relatively mild childhood illness?!?!??!). 

So if you, like me, need a bit of cheering up and (also like me) enjoy a bit of infantile humour from time to time then you might enjoy a chuckle at the mini butternut squash that appeared in my veg box this morning. I mean, they’re mildly phallic at the best of times, but this…

Check out my disapproving child in the background, he’s like “grow-up woman!” Now he keeps calling it a banana. The laughs just keep coming.

He’s really not impressed but what can I say? When you’re quarantined with a toddler even vegetables start to become amusing!

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