In The Night Garden: 10 things we’re all thinking (aren’t we?)

Last year I wrote a post about the weirdness of In the Night Garden. Now I hear that bloody BuzzFeed have jumped on the band wagon. Well, you feeders of buzz, I’m hear to tell you that, whilst it is mind bogglingly odd, ITNG is certainly not “a surrealist orgy of sex and death”, come on people, we have to draw the line somewhere! So, Dear Reader, here’s my post (below in all it’s original glory) and here’s the one from BuzzFeed.

But which is better? There’s only one way to find out. FIGHT!

The (mal)Contented Mother

The most bizarre family photo ever? The most bizarre family photo ever?

I don’t about you, but in our household each day is rounded off by sitting down to watch the much loved, and frankly bizarre, children’s TV phenomenon that is In the Night Garden. Most of the time I find it oddly charming. In fact, I am generally ever-indebted to CBeebies for providing a stream of ad-free, colourful programmes that are educational and socially aware enough to ease the guilt I feel when plonking Bubs down in front of the TV. However, after 6+ months of watching an episode almost every evening there a few things I need to get off my chest. So here goes:

1) Tombliboo music is THE WORST.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but In The Night Garden is musically quite clever. All of the characters have their own song, which becomes a motif that follows them through the entire programme. Plus the…

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7 thoughts on “In The Night Garden: 10 things we’re all thinking (aren’t we?)

  1. I love this!

    The Ninky Nonk thing winds me right up. I can deal with 45 seconds of narrative being dragged out over 30 minutes of screen time but the Ninky Nonk changing size whenever it suits is just not acceptable.

    Iggle Piggle makes me feel a bit sick and I can’t put my finger on it. Makka Pakka is obviously the best but in Sainsbury’s the other day it was either an Iggle Piggle or an Upsy Daisy plush toy; no Makka Pakka to be seen! He reminds me of Eeyore.

    The Haahoos serve zero purpose.

    I hate the Pontipines, lording it over the Wottingters (who I, incorrectly, called the Warmongers for about a month). The other day, Mr Pontipine’s ‘tache flew off and it stuck to the Pinky Ponk. It was visible FROM THE GROUND despite the fact it could only measure half a centimetre across, at best. I was foaming.

    Going to share with on my blog FB page if you don’t mind!?!


    • Hahaha! This comment made me chortle!!
      I saw the moustache debacle too. OUTRAGE! Did you see the one where Mr and Mrs Pontipine kissed and the tache transferred?? Give me strength.
      I think you should write a strong-words letter to Sainsburys for their blatant neglect of Makka Pakka!!
      Of course share on Facebook, that’s fab.
      Thanks hun xx

  2. After a year + of watching my 2yo went off it, developing a fear of the HahHoos and the Pinky Ponk (doesn’t like loud noises). I can’t say I miss it, although I do miss that quiet half-hour before bedtime – she used to be gripped.

    I gave up trying to make sense of ITNG, but I found because the episodes are so similar you never knew if you’d seen them before – I never got repeat fatigue. We haven’t completely abandoned it in our house – she still likes her UpsyDaisy and IgglePiggle dolls.

    • Aw, well any child who works out that the Haahoos are terrifying before the age of three is advanced in my book!
      You’re totally right about not knowing if you seen one before. It’s like “Makka Pakka is cleaning stones, I feel like I’ve seen this one…” Or maybe it was the one where Upsy Daisy was singing… Or the Pontipines lost their children… #dejavu

      Thanks for the comment x

    • Wow, I’m flattered you actually read it! There will never be enough lists-of-stuff-that’s-weird-about-in-the-night-garden in the world. Think the web is big enough for the both of us really 🙂

      I tell you what what, can I have a job writing funny lists? You know, in lieu of royalties!

      Thanks for commenting.

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