Welcome to Weaning.

The inclusion of this photo serves no purpose. But I have an intensely cute son and like to show off about it now and then.

The inclusion of this photo serves no purpose. But I have an intensely cute son and like to show him off now and then.

For a while now I’ve been trying to write a post about weaning. Where to start is the hardest part. I mean, it’s a pretty big deal. From the age 4/5/6 months (the controversy begins) you will have to feed your child actual food. No more milky one-stop-shop for you, good folk. Oh no, now you have to think about stuff like balanced diets and how to persuade a 9-month old to eat something that a) doesn’t taste like banana and b) isn’t covered in yoghurt. Some find this process quite fun; a new sensory adventure with their little one. Others see it as the next in a long line of ‘what-the-eff-am-I-doing?’ parenting moments.

Well aren’t we lucky, then, that there is such a clear, reasonable consensus on how to wean a baby. I mean, it would be a nightmare if, say, there was massive disagreement as to when you should start, how you should start etc. Oh wait, there is? Bums.

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Yes, that’s right folks, here’s yet another ‘issue’ to add to the long list of things-there-seem-to-be-a-thousand-experts-in-who-all-have-different-opinions. What have we had so far? Sleeping, breast/bottle feeding, routines (or not), discipline, going back to work, crying… Sigh.

But fear not! For I am here to tell you the secret of successful weaning. Are you ready? Because it may just blow your mind… *drum roll*

Just feed your baby, with food!

It’s crazy but it’s true. It could be baby food, it could be ‘adult’ food. As long as it’s real, actual food and not something developed in a lab using mostly E numbers, transfats and monosodium glutamate, then you’re probably fine.

This theory of mine is based purely on anecdotal evidence and the knowledge that every grown-up alive today was weaned at some stage, many of them in very haphazard ways that followed no guidelines or ‘expert’ advice. All of these people are, as afore mentioned, alive today.

My mum basically did baby-led weaning accidentally in the 80s because, well, she just did. I was chowing down a sausage as finger-food well before my first birthday. Meanwhile, some people’s parents were reluctant to give them anything that had the slightest hint of a lump in it until they had a full set of molars. And guess what? We all lived to tell the tale. Huzzah!

So, that’s the short version. But I realised recently that the reason I can’t seem to compose a bloody post on weaning is because there’s too much to say. So, the next few posts on here will all be weaning-related. A theme to start the new. I know, right, how thought through is that??? Ranting and hilarity will inevitably ensue.

Hold onto your highchairs!

What are your thoughts on weaning? Are you a regimented puree-er? An ardent baby-led believer? Or a bit laisse faire about the whole thing? Let me know by commenting below, tweeting me @aafew or going over to my facebook page.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Weaning.

  1. I was originally going to go down the purée route, and was dreading losing my weekends to preparing purée (I was back at work when my son was 4 months). A colleague mentioned that she had done baby-led weaning, with fantastic results – I admit it, she had me at no making of purée! It worked really, really well for us and my son at 15 months is a very enthusiastic eater (and we have vitamin drops for when he is having one of *those* weeks). It was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but it worked for us and it makes life a lot easier if you are trying to juggle work and weaning – also helps parental diets and wallets too! But different strokes for different folks, as they say – main thing is to get children on to food and for them to enjoy it. Children develop at different rates, and some will prefer spoon-feeding, others will need a combo of spoon and BLW.

    • Absolutely, that’s exactly it. Only you can know what will suit your child! I love finger foods, in fact with my son pretty much everything is finger food: rice, cereal, you name it!! But I did a bit of both. Making batches of purée is pretty tedious, I agree!!
      Thanks for sharing your experience! X

  2. Very much looking forward to these blogs! Have just starting a teeny bit of baby lead and now babba won’t take the spoon unless it’s something she can’t really have…. Kind of fun but kind of frustrating as she seems to only eat the tiniest bits too. Also just been poorly so currently only eating satsuma. Now am worried about acid eating tiny baby teeth which I also keep forgetting to clean, aaaah! Don’t judge me…..xx

    • OMG I am SO BAD at remembering to clean Bubs’ teeth, and hes over a year old, oops!!! #guilty
      Yeah I’ve heard from a few people that baby led can be a very slow process and so quite frustrating!
      I can’t promise any stellar advice in the next few posts, but plenty of empathy and ranting!!
      Thanks for your comment x

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