Bubs Speaks: #WickedWednesdays

Dear Reader, I have finally infiltrated the grown-up’s most treasured fortress; the iPad. I will have to be brief as Mother thinks I am playing with it mindlessly. (Why do they eternally underestimate us?)

I just wanted to give you a little insight into life from the ‘other side’, as it were. She’s always writing about how hard things are for her, but what about me Dear Reader, what about me?

Take this lunch time, for example. She hadn’t prepared anything in advance, as usual, so she sat me in my highchair, feeding me cucumber and tomatoes whilst she made us an omelette (it was exceptable when it came, I’ll give her that much). Cucumber and tomatoes? Did she Really think I would be subdued? By salad???? Preposterous!

But don’t you worry, I let her know my feelings on the matter!



She soon got the message, I can tell you. What else could I do? I was waiting at least five minutes. FIVE MINUTES!



But I’m pleased to report that we had quite a pleasant lunch together after this. You see, you have to discipline these adults, otherwise they never learn. I am sure you agree.





2 thoughts on “Bubs Speaks: #WickedWednesdays

  1. HA! 1) best high chair ever and 2) I have tried the old here have a bit of cucumber whilst you wait three minutes. It never ever works. SODS! Lovely to see you this week and I hope to see you next week for more #wickedwednesdays fun! xxx

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