The sport is over! Long live the drama/bake off/dancing season!

Dear Reader,
I must confess to infidelity. I’ve been guest posting on mumsnet when I should have been with you! Well, that and watching TV, cos, you know TV is awesome. And it’s all kicking off on the beeb this month. Good comfort TV is what every mum needs, in my humble opinion. Also, mumsnet let me preview In The Club. I like, got to watch it before anyone else. Cool, huh? Although birth scenes still give me shivers! Here’s what I wrote about it: (this one goes out to my NCT homegirls)

Also, can we get something straight Kay Mellor (the writer of In the Club)? The list of ‘pregnancy nos’ at the beginning of the show is scandalously OTT. No chocolate during pregnancy? No CHOCOLATE? What next? No.oxygen?? Pregnant women of the world, eat to your heart’s content!

That is all.


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