A Breath of Fresh Air


It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front from me this weekend. This is because we went on a little holiday to the beautiful Welsh Isle of Angelsey. Since baby boy has been born we’ve only to been to London to see family, which is lovely but doesn’t really feel like a break. Zipping from one city to another and paying visits to all the appropriate personnel is more a logistical exercise than a well-earned rest!

So, this weekend we went away with a big group of friends and sat in the sunshine by the sea. We also drank quite a lot of booze. So, I am feeling pretty darn tired right now but it was worth it because underneath the fatigue I feel deeply refreshed. You may be able to see why from the above picture, not my most photogenic moment but a very joyous one.

Spending lots of time with friends, none of whom have babies, meant lots of entertainment for the boy but also lots of conversations that didn’t involve tips of sleeping-through or where you can buy organic sugar-free yoghurts for your baby. Don’t get me wrong, I am sooo into talking baby sometimes, but talking me has been pretty nice this weekend. Sometimes it’s hard to join in with the adventures that our childless friends are still having. I think often we can be the ones who exclude ourselves, through some confined idea if what we can and can’t do as parents.

Packing the car; sorting the food; booking the place; getting through the journey; settling baby in an unfamiliar place; disrupting a fragile routine; it can all seem quite overwhelming. But being somwhere different can help you feel like you again. Remember the you who would go away for the weekend with one, small overnight bag? The you who had not yet learned to pack the car boot like a finely tuned 3D jigsaw puzzle? The you who wouldn’t decide their itinerary based on which tourist attractions were accessible to strollers? She’s still in there, why not think of a way to give her a bit of attention this week?

I know time and money mean we can’t all travel where we like but could you give yourself a half-an-hour holiday some time this week? Maybe half a day? I hope so!



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