Ask for Help.

Hello good people. I’ve just added a page to this blog entitled ‘Help for You’. We can find a lot of advice and little bit of comfort in blogs and internet forums but if you’re one of the 10% of women in the UK suffering from postnatal depression you’ll know that there are some questions google can’t answer! With that in mind I wanted to make a permanent, static page with help and information. Below are the opening paragraphs of page, do share with anyone you think might find this helpful.

‘Feeling overwhelmed and at your wit’s end is a natural side effect of having a newborn baby. If you feel like that sometimes do try to ask for for someone you trust. Most people will know someone who would be very happy to cuddle a new born baby for two hours while you have a nap. Or to bring you some dinner, do your washing, or just give you a hug and a listening ear.

However, for some of us these feelings become heavier. No amount of sleep or help seem to lift these feelings. The feeling of being overwhelmed may turn quickly into one of constant anxiety. You might feel you’re not enjoying anything, including your baby. You watch others coo over him or her and feel at a distance; lost. You may even feel negative emotions towards your baby and not feel bonded at all. At these times many women (and men) are scared to tell anyone. They are ashamed of their feelings. Perhaps you’ve wanted a baby for years and now it’s here and you just feel empty. But you must tell someone; a friend, your partner, a health visitor or GP. In the vast majority of cases you will be met with sympathy and support. You’d be surprised how many other women across the world are feeling the same as you.’

Click on the words ‘help for you’ at the top of this page to see a few places you can get information and help. (If you know of others that you or someone close to you have found helpful please let me know and I’ll add them.)


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